sachin is god

February 24th, 2010
I nominate today to be tendulkar day! Will have to add it to the
Indian holidays list :)
Guess Sachin has started a structured retirement plan. Complete
all records, till Arjun starts playing.
I’ve Seen God!… he’s the opening batsman for India. #Sachin #cricket
Okay I hate cricket, but here’s my 2 cents: I love Sachin… #sachinisgod
and that doesn’t upstage #anagghisgod
now for weird records regarding sachin’s 200 #sachin200
He has always said that he wants one. RT: @acmhatre
Now all that sachin needs is a world cup…
SA cant win now!! diffcult for them to play under #sachin’s shadow!:)
Sachin’s 200 was even better than sex
aur meri taraf se BOURNVILLE! @Ruchita_k:
Sab meri taraf se ek ek dairy milk kha lo…:) #sachinisgod
#sachin – unlocked the game’s biggest and most awaited milestone
(via zeenews)
Sachin ne Holi pe Diwali Manayi!!! :D :D #sachinisgod
It had to happen.. its in his name :P @idavinder:
#sachin Double TONdulkar !!! Lolz… #sachinIsGod
BBC Sport – #sachin is arguably the finest batsman to have played
the game.
If Cricket is religion , Sachin is God
#mumbai #Sachin #sachinisgod #cricket
Lalit Modi tweets that Sachin Tendulkar will rock the IPL. I hope
he doesn’t. Gods don’t deserve to play T20s, I mean it.
Obscure trivia: The cricket stadium in Bangalore is named after
Sachin. Chinna Swamy = Little Master.
Sachin-chin chillake South Africa Jaaye … Dhoom Dhoom India be
Dholka Bajaaye… are Wah wah wah !!
Ekdum sahi bola!! @luckymurari
Nobody is Perfect and Sachin is nobody #sachinisgod
I think India should have a 200 rupees note now with Sachin embossed
on it #sachinisgod
or Mallika Sherawat @AmolMathur
NOTICE TO ALL: The best things in the world come from India! Be
it software or sachin!
DHONI ki dhul Gayi Goni :) Sachin ki JaijaiKar Jo thi Honi :P
South Africa is keeping to India’s 8 runs / over – but also losing
a wicket every 3 overs. 240 all out in 30?:-)
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