Lalit Modi

May 14th, 2008

Lalit ModiLalit Modi is the chairman and commissioner of Indian Premier League and a vice president at BCCI.

Lalit has served as the president of Rajasthan Cricket Association

He is credited as Master Mind behind the creation and success of the IPL. His business acumen has helped BCCI increase its revenues seven-fold since Lalit took office.

Modi is the scion of Modi Enterprises a 4000-crore group, the industrial conglomerate founded in 1933, it has interests in agro-chemicals, tobacco, tea and beverages, education, entertainment and marketing.

Lalit Modi also sits on the board of Godfrey Philips, one of India’s more successful tobacco companies.

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  1. Qamar Waheed

    Lalit Modi
    Chairman IPL
    Dear Sir!
    I want to say that the IPL realy a big event for Indian peoples even world’s peoples, I realy like and love your programme of IPL. Sir! extreamly very sorry to say that I have no words to say about IPL, I just want to say that it’s amazing’ it’s brilient, it’s greatest and it is a dream which comes out true. IPL have ended but it’s memory now feeded in our mind. I am waiting you next event about IPL. I’ll always pray for your successes.
    Dear Sir!
    I am crazy about cricket and also a good player of cricket (batsman and off spin bowler). Sir will you please tell me about the prosdgier of join the IPL.
    Sir! I am very needy and poor and the time is going in it survival is very difficult. I am not satisfied about our selection committee and division level board. In every where they always cheat those boys who are outstanding and deserve to play for department or national level. Sir! I don’t want any biggest amount, I am not greedy, but just want utlize my talent at a great platform like IPL.
    Sir! just i want to say it that please give me a chance to prove my self & please help me at this stage when you are king of cricket. Sir! you can do every thing. I just want your help to prove myself. I am hope full that you will give me a positive regard. I’ll always pray for you and your family that God gave you success & happies at every footstep of your life. I’ll wait for your answer Sir.

    Your obdient
    Qamar Waheed
    S/o Abdul Waheed
    Cell: +92 0300 604—-
    q–ar_waheed– at yaoo-com

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