The owner’s of Royal’s and Punjab are in shock after the BCCI’s decision to axe the teams franchise during an emergency meeting of the IPL’s Governing Council.

October 11th, 2010

The decision to remove the teams from next year’s tournament was unanimously agreed after the Governing Council examined the ownership structures of both franchises during the previous few days . The IPL Governing Council has terminated the franchises of the Rajasthan Royals and the Kings XI Punjab at an emergency meeting in Mumbai where the team’s ownership structures were discussed. The Royals, winners of the 2008 Indian Premier League; along with the Kings XI Punjab were both barred from participating in next year’s tournament. The owner of the team Shilpa is disheartened and  believes the team is part of her life as she has invested her hard earned money in it and more than just a playing team or a franchise to her  , she also said that such news shocked all players of the team and is disturbing their mental state of mind . Raj Kundra another owner of Royals criticized the system of BCCI and further added that he wonder’s how IPL 4 will  be hald as BCCI is treating teams just as a franchise which matters nothing to them .But still he wants to wait for the final formal copy from BCCI regarding their termination from the IPL season .The captain of Rajasthan Royal’s Shane himself was upset because of random decision of BCCi and said that he felt more bad for the  future of new young players of the team and he is hoping the board to change their decision for the goodwill for all.

The Royals and King XI were supported by another team owner Vijay Mallya  and he said that “This is down right ridiculous and raises serious questions on the attitude of the BCCI towards IPL franchisees,I wonder if IPL franchisees are serious stakeholders whose investments and participation are respected or are they slaves who only come and play?he added.,” .

Both teams have announced their surprise and regret at the decision and while they wait for further information from the BCCI they will be consulting their legal representatives before taking further action.

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