Indian Premier League – IPL 2010 will be Held in India

May 23rd, 2009

CEO of Indian Premier League Sundar Raman has assured that IPL 2010 will be held in.

He believes IPL 2008 was a great success, but IPL 2009 has proven that IPL is accepted globally . Acceptance and Warmth by South Africa was unexpected.

Sundar addes that IPL Management understand feelings of Indian Audience, but it was unavoidable. He assures and reassures that IPL 2009 Season will be held in India, and not only that it will be much bigger, better, bolder and more Beautiful IPL in India.

  1. qayyum

    i also want to play in ipl.
    i have a excellent talent to play.
    and i am a all rounder player
    plz give me a chance to play in ipl next season.

  2. bharath

    thank u sir hats of to ur decision for keeping one more season of ipl in dis year itself and thanks for announcing the third season in india we are royal challengers waiting to pick the trophy we are the winners of the next season we love ipl

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