real time video clips of IPL matches on your mobile phone

March 9th, 2010

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is about to begin in a week’s time and various companies have started their efforts to cash in on the event. While YouTube is promoting the live telecast of the IPL, others have launched IPL themed games. The latest company to join the IPL bandwagon is July Systems, which has tied up with IPL and its licensing partner Global Cricket Ventures (GCV) to launch an IPL mobile Internet service, designed for the Indian market.

This service will allow users to watch video clips of IPL matches right within the confines of their mobile phone screen. These clips will be played back real time on a users’ phones after having the service activated. The activation is done by calling the MiX (Mobile Internet experience) platform toll-free number 08 123 123 123 or by accessing the WAP site During the television broadcast of IPL, the phone number 08123123123 will be displayed on TV screens.

Once you register for the service, an SMS, with a link to the real time video clips will be sent to your mobile. This link can then be used to watch all the matches whilst on the move.

Source :  Techtree

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