Korbo ! Lorbo! Magar Harbo Re….

May 5th, 2009

Korbo ! Lorbo! Magar Harbo Re….seems more like the catch-word for the Knights (IPL Kolkata) this season as they lose yet another match; six on the trot to be precise! The only constant factor for them! So much so that there are numerous jokes on why it is safer to bet on a KKR match than on stocks!  But what makes [losing] it worse this time is that it has taken away with it any chance that the Knight Riders harboured of making it to the next level!

This team had the best at their disposal; King Khan made sure …what with special camps at Australia, intense fitness regimes, multiple coaches. Alas! All in vein as victory remained elusive.

As a KKR exit seems almost imminent our heart goes out to King Khan…here’s hoping that the next edition brings him better luck!

  1. sunny

    KKR Bad Luck

  2. sunny

    KKR’s bad luck.

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